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24/7 digital access
Manage payments online. If you need help we’re just a chat away.
Affordable & flexible
Choose a custom payment plan and make changes at any time.
No hidden fees
We never add interest or fees that make it even harder to pay off your debt (ever).

Create a flexible payment plan on your terms.

Your schedule.
Choose how often you pay.
Your budget.
Decide how much to pay.
Your start date.
Choose when to start paying
(within 30 days).
Your schedule.
Choose how often you pay.
Your budget.
Decide how much to pay.
Your start date.
Control when you start paying.
“You have been so wonderful to work with. Thank you so much for all of this”
“Thank you again for your EXCEEDING patience with me.”
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Let’s resolve your debt stress-free.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Bounce AI contacting me?

We are contacting you because you have an account with a past-due balance and the creditor has either referred it to us for collection services or sold it to us. We understand that debt happens. That's why we provide an easy online solution to help you set up an affordable payment plan. Together, we'll help you resolve your debt, so you can move forward and bounce back debt-free.

Where did Bounce AI get my contact information?

The creditor who referred or sold your account to us, provide us your contact information so that we can help resolve your debt. Once you log in to our self-service portal, you can review the contact information that we have on file for you and make any adjustments.

How do I see my outstanding balance?

We provide a simple and convenient self-service portal that you can access online to see your outstanding balance and set up an affordable payment plan.

What if I don’t recognize the debt associated with my account?

Once you login to the self-service portal, you can review further information about the debt and file a dispute if you don't think it belongs to you.

Why is Bounce AI appearing on my credit report?

If we are listed on your credit report, then one of your accounts has been referred or sold to us and we are now attempting to collect the outstanding debt.

Does Bounce AI charge any fees?

Nope! That would be the opposite of helping. Instead, you just pay what’s owed, no hidden fees about it.